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I have started this blog with the intention of helping other moms who have been through some tough and scary experiences. It is always easier talking to like-minded people, people you know will understand what you are going through.


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I am wife, I am a mom, and I am also a high school Educator. I teach Biology and I absolutely LOVE the subject. My son was born (early) on the 23 January 2016. I am originally from Port Elizabeth but moved to Stellenbosch to study BSc and I met my husband Darron in my 1st year. We got married 5 years later and decided to stay in Cape Town. So we've made a living here.

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Ben's Birth Story

So I thought I'd write about my birth experience while it is still fresh in my mind.

I was 39 weeks pregnant last week Monday. Most of you saw this pic that I posted...

Ben must've seen that post because after posting this, I had a sandwich and went to take a lovely afternoon nap. I woke up and felt a gush of water. I thought okay this must be my water breaking right? With Isaiah the doctor had to break my water in hospital so this was a first time for me. I went to the bathroom and again more came out. I called Darron and said "I think its go time babes. My water just broke." So I called the maternity ward and they told me to come in so they can check. My next gynaecologist appointment was the next day, the Tuesday, and he had just come back from leave THIS DAY!

I don't remember talking about a birth plan with my doctor but obviously I wanted normal vaginal birth since Ive done it before. My doctor also never spoke about a C-section so yes, we were playing the waiting game from 37 weeks and if it went too close to 40 weeks, he would've induced because of my high blood pressure.

Okay so back to the water breaking part. We drove to the hospital at about 14:15pm and I wasn't really having contractions or pains at all. When we got to the labour ward they strapped me up to check on baby's heartbeat and contractions.

I was having very light contractions and trying to breathe and prepare myself for more painful contractions coming later. The nurse did a cervical check and to my horror I was only 2cm. Once she checked, the contractions became worse and I felt the only comfortable position was leaning over on the bed while Darron swayed my hips side to side. Fast forward to 17:30 and I was 4cm and contractions were closer together. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't dilating quicker, that my dilation progress was "textbook". I breathed and swayed through each contraction until it became unbearable and I said "screw this, give me an epidural!". It was too early for one and the nurse gave me a pethidine injection for pain, which did absolutely NOTHING. At 18:50 baby's heartbeat was too erratic and they spoke of a Caesar because his heart was not stabilising under the contractions.

I asked and asked for an epidural as the pain was unbearable and I felt like I passed out after every contraction, which was about 2 min apart. About 20 min later the gynaecologist checked me again and I was 8,5-9cm dilated! He told me it's too late for an epidural and it was time to practice pushing. I wanted to die. They got ready for the transition phase and I was told to push when a contraction came. I remember this all too well from my previous birth. Baby wasn't moving at all and still very high up, so they got the stirrups set up and called for a vacuum. Darron and the nurse pushed me forward with every push but still, the baby's head was not moving and not descending. I really tried my best to push. My head felt like it was going to pop open with every push. It also felt like the doctor was arranging a pantry cupboard inside my vagina, I could feel every single stretch and pull and movement. This went on for about 30 min and finally he decided to use the forceps as the vacuum was just not working. I gave one big push and the head came out. I prayed so hard and pushed my last big push and out came my baby at 19:49 on the 12th of October 2020. They immediately placed him on my chest.

I will never forget that feeling. Warm, moist skin on mine. Soft crying. Head full of hair. Healthy, breathing tiny human. A feeling of intense gratitude and thankfulness. It could've been way different. Things could've gone wrong but it didn't. It was perfect. He was perfect.

They let me have my time with him while they waited for the placenta to be delivered. The pushing wasn't really over as they told me to push for the afterbirth but clearly it wasn't as bad as an actual baby. After that they set up for the "closing up" as I had torn quite a bit. I even heard the doctor say once to the nurse, "this is a mess". Sigh. Yes, the pain a woman has to go through to get their precious bundles into the world.

The doctor injected me with local anaesthetic to do the stitches and I think most of the pain was masked by my happiness that my baby was finally out and he had an Apgar score of 9, 9 and then 10. Already getting distinctions this boy :) During this time I was feeling very weak and the nurse administered some IV fluid to get my sugar levels back up. As soon as I felt better I got up, got into the bath and got dressed, with A LOT of help I might add. I walked from the Labour ward to my room for the next few days and got into bed. The midwife was absolutely amazing and I felt so comfortable with her, she even had my maiden surname!

Here are some pics that Darron took while I was being stitched up...

Today is also very important as it was this day last year that I found out that I was pregnant with our Rainbow baby. But that rainbow baby didn't make it to earth as he/she was ectopic. Read all about this ectopic pregnancy in my previous posts:

I did not speak about any of the gross things that happened, and trust me, there were loads of those moments. Moms know the amount of blood loss and bodily excretion issues, so I'll spare the gory details for sensitive viewers.

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