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I have started this blog with the intention of helping other moms who have been through some tough and scary experiences. It is always easier talking to like-minded people, people you know will understand what you are going through.


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I am wife, I am a mom, and I am also a high school Educator. I teach Biology and I absolutely LOVE the subject. My son was born (early) on the 23 January 2016. I am originally from Port Elizabeth but moved to Stellenbosch to study BSc and I met my husband Darron in my 1st year. We got married 5 years later and decided to stay in Cape Town. So we've made a living here.

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Dear Isaiah

My baby. My one and only. My true miracle child.

I am sorry that I cannot play with you right now. I'm sorry that I cannot kick the ball to you or jump on the trampoline with you. Im sorry that we can't wrestle on the bed and tickle each other. Mummy is in pain.

I am sorry that I can't drop you at school. I am sorry that LIFE isn't NORMAL right now.

I wanted to give you a sibling. You seem so lonely. I could imagine how helpful you'd be as a big brother. Gosh, you would compete with me. I can just hear you say "mummy I clean baby's bum the best". I just know you would thrive even more with a sibling. Someone to guide and support. I'm sorry we couldn't give you that.

I thought this would be the one. The one that would survive and finally come meet us.

But mummy and daddy, we're tired now. So I hope you don't mind if we focus on YOU now. We'll make sure you have the best everything okay. I know you'll play with your school friends and we'll just have to organise more play dates for you.

My heart breaks. Life isn't fair my baby.

I will forever feel bad and guilty. No one can change how I feel. No words can change how I feel.

I love you my boy.



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